Terms of use


on hire rented car concluded between MORIS RENT A CAR and the user (at the next text user).

Art 1.

MORIS RENT A CAR gives and the user takes for use vehide, under the terms herein stipulated, by valid price list and conditions for rental.

Art 2.

By signing the Contract the user undertakes and confirms:

  1. that the rental vehide is taken and shall be used in accordance with the Law on safety of road traffic.
  2. the user confirms that he has taken documents for the vehicle, vehicle keys, all necessary equipment as well as equipment in the Contract
  3. that the rented car shall be returned after expiration of the stipulated term at the place and time as set forth in this Contract or required by MORIS RENT A CAR
  4. the user who wishes to extend, or for all other changes, must contact MORIS RENT A CAR 48 hours before stipulated term of returning the car.
  5. that the car shall not be used for any deeds violating the Law criminal acts, offence of customs, foreign exchange and other regulations (training, transport or to wing others vehicles, trailers of taking part in motor . race, under the influence of alcohol, and drugs. In opposite, the user shall pay whole amount to MORIS RENT A CAR for caused damage,
  6. that the car shall be used only by the user, that it shall be driven only by the client or the person that satis­fies all terms stipulated by the contract Responsibility is divided,
  7. in the car shall not to be more persons then registered seats, or more things then in valid maximal weight. The user shall not cross the boarder before he got green card by MORIS RENT A CAR,
  8. without obtaining approval by MORIS RENT A CAR the user shall not change a part, of accessory equipment on the vehide. The user shall indemnify MORIS RENT A CAR for all parts of equipment or accessories which failed to return, on the current setting price on the date of returning the vehicle.
  9. f) the user shall use equipment and devices, to protect the car from stealing (alarm....) to make possible to execute a control by the authorized official from MORIS RENT A CAR

Art 3.

MORIS RENT A CAR shall indemnify the user for the costs of oil and small repairs occured, during the period of hire against presentation of bill, which shall be addressed to MORIS RENT A CAR in maximal amount regulated by federal law and law on treasury.

Art 4.

The user at the moment of concluding the Contract shall deposit a certain sum of money or other instru­ments of payment according to applicable Tariff.


The user accepts to pay MORIS RENT A CAR:

  1. the amount for rental regulated by applicable Tariff. MORIS RENT A CAR is not liable to inform the user about changing a price. Deposit guaranteed the price of rental up to the value of deposit
  2. the costs of fuel used during the rent, the repairs and changes (toll, ferries, road toll fines infraction of traf­fic regulations, parking tickets and short changes) if MORIS RENT A CAR paid for it, in other case must be paid by the user.
  3. return milage rates, when the car is returned out of place stipulated by the contract

Art 6.

The vehicle given to user is fully technically correct and the user is obligated to pay alt technical damages made during this contract time. If during the period of using the car, driving mechanism (owing to lack of motor oil, for change gear differential gear, cooling agents) crankcase, clutch and others parts are damaged, the parties hereto will found together at the defect authorized repair work shop, if due to the users, break is caused, the user shall indemnify MORIS RENT A CAR for the entire repair of the car, the lost profit because the car was not used due to repair up to the minimal earning MORIS RENT A CAR according to the applicable Tariff.

In case of total damage the user is obligated to make up for lost profit to MORIS RENT A CAR from the day of damage till the day of sale of vehicle.

Art 7.

In the case of road accident, damage, theft, production defective of car, or similar circumstances the renter duty is to provide car before taking over from MORIS RENT A CAR to contact police and to obtain police report (only not in case of engine breakdown) and to obtain their report and to give statement in the nearest MORIS RENT A CAR office. If the user has not made any of above operations and by the made damage to MORIS RENT A CAR, his duty is to indemnify MORIS RENT A CAR caused damage.

Art 8.

In the case of damage to vehicle, the user shall pray full amount of repair of the damaged vehicle and other losses suffered by the lesson due damage of the vehicle including lost earnings in amount of daily rent due to not renting the vehicle while being repaired at existing price list but not more than 30 days.

In the case of the vehicle being stolen or other circumstances preventing the user from returning the vehide at the end of the rental period to the lessor, the user shall on request of the lessor pay the price which is full price of a new vehide according to offer of supplier, as well as other lessor’s losses suffered due to absence of vehicle including daily amount of rent at the existing price, but maximum for 30 days.

In the case of damage to third persoas the user shall bear all costs, which the lessor could have on the basis. Risk and amount of liability for damages the aser may reduce by acceptance of the following payments as fol-lows:

  • COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE(CDW): by accepting a daily extrapayment for comprehensive insurance the user buys off liability for this type of damage.
  • INSURANCE AGAINST THEFT (IP): by accepting daily extrapayment for insurance against theft, the user buys off liability for this type of damage.
  • PASSENGER INSURANCE (PAI): by paying daily extra payment for insurance of passengers, pas­senger are insured in case of death or disability up to the amount prescribed by the insurance regulations and the existing rules. Insurance does not cover risk of destroying or damage of tires, hubs or hub-caps or lower basis of engine.

TP and CDW insurance do not cover damage occured in risk areas or war zones. Acceptance of TP or CDW does not lessen the user's liability for damage in case the said has not respected the accident proce­dure determined by the article 7. Insurance does not cover damage done on purpose, white affected by alco­hol or drugs, without driving license or in case license was taken away, in case there are more persons in the vehicle than allowed, as well as other circumstances prescribed by the insurance regulations or laws.

Art 9.

MORIS RENT A CAR is not Liable for the damage made for the loss or damage the luggage or goods that has been in the car, not for the damage made for the delay when the car is delivered to the user or for break down made by the user during the hire, cost caused by loosing or damaging keys, vehicle license, alarm, car radio etc. Will be paid by hirer.

Art 10.

Parties agree, in case of conflict an authority of Court in Belgrade.

Art 12.

This Contract is made up in two identical copies, one for MORIS RENT A CAR and one for users.