About us

Moris rent-a-car has established a successful cooperation with local and international clients alike, lasting for over a decade now. We are committed to exceeding all your expectations, as your satisfaction is our most valued indicator of success. Our employees are at your disposal at Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla airport, ready to assist you in choosing the solution best suited for your needs.

Our experience works in your favor. You are bound to get the best advice and suggestion, in respect to your ideas and wishes. Our best recommendation is the growing number of returning customers from both the country and abroad.

Information - reservation - taking over the vehicle: we are at your disposal 24-7. Visit us at the international arrivals sector at Nikola Tesla airport.



    More than 20 years
    Moris Rent-a-car is a company with 20 years of operating experience with clients from both Serbia and abroad.

  • TIPS

    Professional staff is always available to find the right solution for your needs and makes sure that they are implemented in a precise and extremely businesslike manner.


    A high level of professionalism in business is established by a large number of our satisfied clients.


    Our branch office is constantly available to you at Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport, in the sector for international arrivals.


  • COVID-19


    In order to protect against the introduction of infectious diseases into the territory of the Republic of Serbia, foreigners coming to the Republic of Serbia from all countries of the world, except the Republic of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Bulgaria, the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Montenegro and Hungary, they are allowed to enter the Republic of Serbia only if they have a negative RT-PCR test for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus, not older than 48 hours from the time of issuing the test results, issued by the reference laboratory of the country they come from or enter the Republic Serbia; that is, persons coming from the United States, instead of a negative RT-PCR test, are recognized, under the same conditions, a negative FIA ​​Rapid Antigen test.Passengers, foreign citizens, are obliged to be tested before the trip, and not upon arrival in the Republic of Serbia. They cannot enter the Republic of Serbia if they have not been tested and do not have a negative RT-PCR test for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus, ie a negative FIA ​​Rapidtest Antigen (for persons coming from the USA) not older than 48 hours from the time of testing. return to the country they come from.

  • Security covid procedures

    Security covid procedures

    The Moris Rent A Car network continues to operate despite the COVID-19 pandemic.
    We apply a number of new protocols to increase your security.
    Protective panels and hand disinfectants have been installed in our branches. In addition, our staff will wear protective equipment, including face masks and gloves. We have also posted notices of social distancing. In addition, our branch is regularly cleaned and disinfected.

  • Vehicle disinfection

    Vehicle disinfection

    All vehicles are thoroughly disinfected and cleaned from the inside according to the valid protocols of the World Health Organization.
    TIP: Disinfect your hands before getting in the car. It is not a bad idea to bring something with you to disinfect your hands (a bottle of alcohol, hydrogen or some other means) or at least wet wipes with which you will be able to clean your hands to some extent.
    It should be emphasized that if you use wet wipes, it does not matter whether they are antibacterial or not - because in this case the problem is the virus, not the bacteria.
    So, open the door, "fix" your hands, then enter and close the door. This way you reduce the contamination of those parts that you would rely on with your hands when entering the car.